MyFab5 search redesign

MyFab5 is a website that allows users to rate restaurants within categories (e.g., taco, sushi, steak, etc.). In February 2015, I worked part-time with them to deliver a better search experience.

Comparative analysis

The original search page of MyFab5 was an MVP. To understand its flaws and potential improvements, I started out by conducting a comparative analysis on 9 competitor websites. Based on my recommendations and discussion with co-workers, we identified 5 major areas (and a variety of details) to be improved.

Comparative analysis: Zomato's filter feature

The refreshed search page

Five highlights

Smart auto completion

  • Recognizable visual separations for different category types (dish, cuisine, restaurant. and recent)
  • Distinguishing user input and auto-completed content

Sorting & filtering options

  • Sorting results by ranking and distance
  • Recommending related categories as filters and supporting easy check/uncheck
  • Interactions for advanced filters

Going social

  • Sharing search results via social media
  • Integrating social aspects in search items
  • Fostering social behavior by showing relevant foodies

Layout for search items

  • Differentiating the main category from other categories
  • Showing phone numbers to allow quick contact
  • New layout for search items with features added
  • Considerations on extreme cases

Interactive map

Interactions for hovering and clicking on map pins


One of my key learnings is to keep brainstorming and providing alternatives, and weighing design trade-offs. I appreciate my co-workers for their valuable feedback on my variations and their encouragement for me to experiment with different layouts.

Search item layouts

Alternative sidebar layout